EM7355 or DW5808e

I have a fleet of Dell Rugged 5404 laptops with DW5808e cards that I’m upgrading to Windows 10.

The cards work fine in Windows 7. When I image the laptop to Windows 10 sometime they work fine. Sometimes the driver will not install. I’m assuming it has something to do with MBIM mode and SierraWireless windows service?

I’ve noticed that the non working card has hardware id:

Working cards have hardware id:

I uninstalled and reinstalled Dell driver multiple times:

I also tried GenericDriverSetup_4836.exe with no luck.

I noticed that the SierraWireless Service doesn’t get uninstalled when I uninstall the drivers so I even manually deleted the service files and reinstalled with driver.

Cant think of anything else to try, any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi @jtrzebunia,
The issue might come from Windows 10 driver GenericDriverSetup. We should wait for a new driver release from Sierra.