EM7355 Doesn't install at all

I need to install the EM7355 into Panasonic Toughpad (fz-g1)

I bought 10 EM7355 modules but on the label is writen:
Lenovo PN:SW10A…

My question is…

Could this modules be locked to work only with Lenovo hardwares?

I’m spending days trying to get the modules to work without any sucess.

I have downloades thelatest driver from Sierra and never worked…

Anyone can help?

Lenovo modules were locked to only work with Lenovo devices with Lenovo’s own VID. It won’t work on other vendor’s laptop or tablet.


Thats bad… Which version can I purchase to work, then?

You’d better buy from Panasonic as if you buy on internet from ebay or amazon, you could end up with a module configured for M2M customers which is different from configurations PCOEM should use.


Thats an option… But Its hard to understand… Maybe someone had this same issue before…

Maybe someone knows the IDs for Lenovo EM7355 modules…, but tks anyway

Is there no way to unlock them?