EM7330 (Fujitsu tablet) can not work when use Windows PEx64

Hi supporter
I use USB boot WinPE (x64) on Fujitsu tablet.
I use cmd: netsh mbn show interface. But give a message There is no mobile Broadband Interface.
I think my Window PE missing EM7330 driver (this tablet use EM7330)
Can anyone help me install driver for my bootable WinPE. I try with setup file Generic_M2M_DriverSetup_4431.exe but it can not work in 64bit OS.

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Have you gone through this website : source.sierrawireless.com/device … es/em7330/

You can try checking from “tership.se” website for that model.

To download any files from this website does requires a valid company email and cannot be used our normal internet yahoo or gmail email.


Sorry about missunderstand,

  • i Try download driver pack on source.sierrawireless.com/device … es/em7330/
    But as i said, this pack run as 32 bit application in windows. In my Winpex64 (preinstall environment), only 64bit application can run.
    I want to know How to install EM7330 driver directly (using reg, cmd, sys file, inf file) or give me setup driver file run as 64 bit application.
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If you’re referring to this file “Generic_M2M_DriverSetup_4431.exe” the it covers 64bit architectures. I believe because this EM7330 is not compatible with WinPE. I’ve installed this driver for my MC7455 running on Windows Pro 64 bit and running fine.

Based on information for this driver only can be installed on “Windows 7/ Windows 8 /Windows 10 Driver Package for MC/WP Series Modules”.