EM7305 not displaying mobile number

I have a Panasonic FZ-M1 tablet that uses the Sierra Wireless EM7305 modem, when i look at the telephone number in settings (Windows 10) it is displayed as eleven zeros ( 00000000000 )
Has anyone else seen this before ? I really need to get this working as I have around 30 of these tablets that I need to obtain the telephone numbers from.
The EE sim card that is in the tablet is connected to the mobile network, if i take the sim out of the tablet and put it into a handset i can make calls and it displays the number.
I have removed and reinstalled the EM7305 but sadly nothing gets Windows to display the mobile number. Any help would he hugely appreciated.

Hi @danny.sisson,

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  • Where do you see that telephone number in the Windows 10 settings? Please share a screenshot of that setting section with me.
  • Have you installed the driver for EM7305 yet? If not, please refer to the source page of the Panasonic tablet to find and install the driver.
  • Afterward, you can use the command “AT+CNUM” sent through the AT port to obtain the phone number.



Thank you for the response, this looks to be more of an issue with the EE sim card as opposed to the modem or the Tablet that the sim is inserted in to.

I did some more testing late last week with two identical Panasonic FZ-M1 tablets, both with the EM7305 modem in them.

Tablet 1 showed the number but Tablet 2 did not.
I took the sim from Tablet 2 and put it into Tablet 1 and Tablet 1 no longer showed the number.

For me this points to an issue with the sim card and not the modem/tablet. I then did research in relation to EE number porting and came across similar issues on the internet, whereby when someone had ported their number to EE, their device showed the telephone number as eleven zeros.