ed_Init problem

Hi everyone, I’m facing the folowing problem:

The function ed_Init(); is called at ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT event. For some time it works ok. But after a few days this function causes the module(Q2501B) to reset. I tryed to place it in another places in the code, like in adl_main after adl_simSubscribe, but the module still resets. The problem persists even after calling at+wopen=3 and at+wopen=4 funtions and downloading the same firmware again. When I use DWLWin program to erase aplicative data and next download the firmware with at+wdwl, everything works again.
any ideas :question: ?
thank you tons,

PS: my firmware gets coordinates from GPS, writes them to flash memory and sends to remote TCP/IP server.

Just wondering, is it possible that any electrical interference corrupted EEPROM data that are neded for TCP/IP stack initialization?

anyone? :confused: any suggestions would be appreciated.