Each call attempt returns NO CARRIER



I’m a new user of the Q2686 chip and I encounter some issue when testing “basic” command. I have inserted my SIM card, enter the pin code with the command AT+CPIN.

Then when I try to execute the example where a voice call is originated it always returns “NO CARRIER”.

Here are some traces of my commands:








+CSQ: 20,0


atd112; //Emergency number

+WIND: 5,1


+WIND: 6,1

Please help me!!

Thanks for your help


You should never call the emergency number except in the case of a genuine emergency! :open_mouth:

Bogus calls are a big problem for the emergency services - do not add to it!

I don’t know about your country, but over here it’s a serious offence and could get you into big trouble!


Try AT+CEER after the NO CARRIER to get extended cause info…


By searching on the web, I see the command at+creg to check the registration status.

The command at+creg? returns +CREG: 1,0

I don’t understand why the module is not searching for a new operator??

Thanks for your help


Thank for your help!

Of course I don’t really call emergency it’s just to show you a sample case in reality I call my phone but I didn’t want to write my phone number … Don’t worry.

I try to tape at+ceer after having revceived NO CARRIER and I have the error 254. ==> call impossible

I really think it’s due to the command at+creg? that returns +CREG1,0 but I don’t know why the module doesn’t try to connect …

I’m in France

ps: I’m sorry for my english :smiley:


hi fab38 ,
I need u r help .I am new to q2686 module i need basic spi communication and how to use RTC do u have any idea please help me…
please help me…


Two questions:

  1. Have you wired the led output (pin 17)?
  2. What have you done with the SIM detection pin (12)?