Duplicate events in message stream when ULPM is used

Testing ULPM mode for battery endurance using Mangoh Red with WP77 Octave FW (v 3.5.2) as was recommended previously.

The test generates a report consisting of some stat info and timestamps at bootup (i.e., ulpm wake) and immediately prior to ulpm entry.

This is accomplished by writing to a VR in the Edge Action that initiates the ulpm shutdown.

The event that is generated immediately prior to ulpm shutdown is duplicated twice (i.e., three copies) in the message stream.

Initially, S&F was used, and some buffering issue was suspected. To rule out such a possibility, the destination was changed to Cloud Stream delivery. The same condition results.

Another test was conducted with all the code identical except that the actual ulpm shutdown was not performed. In this case, the events were generated as expected – i.e, one at boot and one (and only one) at ulpm entry.

It has been verified that the code generating the event is only executing once. The content is exactly the same for all duplicates and consists of timestamps to the ms.

An example follows. The example is for one wake cycle. It contains two unique messages (only a few timestamps are grepped out here). One message is at boot/wake, and the other is at ulpm entery. It is evident that the timestamps in the message payload for the entry messages are identical while the epoch timestamps in the metadata is different.

			"creationDate": 1685476012880,
			"generatedDate": 1685475953883,
						"ulpm_event_type": "entry",
						"newCurrentTime": "19:32:56.146",
			"creationDate": 1685476012873,
			"generatedDate": 1685475953761,
						"ulpm_event_type": "entry",
						"newCurrentTime": "19:32:56.146",
			"creationDate": 1685476012866,
			"generatedDate": 1685475176149,
						"ulpm_event_type": "entry",
						"newCurrentTime": "19:32:56.146",
			"creationDate": 1685475226332,
			"generatedDate": 1685475056015,
						"newCurrentTime": "19:30:56.013",
						"ulpm_event_type": "bootup",

The implication is that some issue exists with event generation in proximity in time with ulpm entry. Can I get some confirmation that the issue exists and how to correct it?

It seem this problem was explained in an earlier post:
Octave edge 3.4.1 - observation on resource/timer/X/value multiple triggers on power on reset

As the explanation mentioned - the issue is associated with boot up (ULPM wake in this case), but the mistaken creation of the event report under resources /virtual/config resulted in the VR being persistent. The duplicate messages were apparently caused when the data was reloaded from flash at boot (i.e. ulpm wake). Deleting the VR item used for the event report from /virtual/config appears to have solved the problem. The event report VR gets created by the Edge Action, but is not persisted. The correct number of events are generated and no duplicates are generated.