Dual SIM GPRS Connection

Dear All
I am using Dual SIM with Q2687Rd with 2 sims connected(2 diff n/w operators),when ever i switch the n/w operator(switching b/w sim’s) i am resetting the modem to get the GPRS connectivity. my question is ; is it possible to get the GPRS connection without resetting modem(only by changing the APN of the second SIM(Operator)?

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.


As far as I know, you have to reset the modem when switching SIMs as the unit has to reinitialise the SIM and reconnect to the network. You may be able to just disable and re-enable GSM without resetting, but I’m not sure if this will work.

No, you shouldn’t have to reset the modem for that, surely?!

On a DevKit, Fastrack modem, or similar you can just pop the SIM out - and you will lose registration - then pop a different SIM in - and the unit will re-register…

It does, of course, require that you have properly implemented the SIM insert/remove detection…

My bad, Awneil is correct. However, if you are not using the SIMPRES pin (for example if you are using a 6 pin SIM holder) and you have tied the SIMPRES line to 1V8, then you need to perform a reset. If you have the SIMPRES line connected, then the modem will automatically detect the SIM removal and replacement.

So if you are switching between SIMs, pull the SIMPRES line down, switch to the new SIM and pull SIMPRES back up and the modem should reconnect to the network. Of course you will still have to reconnect your bearers and IP connections if required with the new APN settings.

Thanks all !!! for your suggestions.