What to do after loosing operator

Good morning,

after 1 day and 2 hours the AirPrime Q2698 lost the connection to the Operator.

The Sim Card remains in: ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT.
The CREG Status is: SIM not registered, ME is not currently searching for a new Operator.

After loosing the Operator the GPRS_Handler (wip_bearerHandler_f) reported: wip_Gprs_Handler() : Connection failure, WIP_BOPT_ERROR says: GPRS setup failure.

The GPRS_Handler did then stop the bearer (wip_bearerStop) and reported: Context is deactivated either from network or ME.

It then starts the bearer again but is not able to Register the sim.

Am i supposed to do something here? How can i assure that the modem stays or keeps trying to reconnect to the Operator ?

Do i have to quit and init the bearer again? How do i get the sim to reconnect again?

the code works as follows:

adl_simSubscribe(sim_Handler, _setup.PinCode);

wip_bearerOpen(&wipGprsHandle, "GPRS", ipgprs_Bearer_Handler, 0);

then the module is ready for IP communicaton.

The ipgprs_Bearer_Handler

on Error:

I hoped this would suffice to Keep the modem try reconnecting to the Operator. From my understanding it is not neccessary to quit the bearer.

Here is the Trace of the Events:

2013/10/23;19:45:32:483;001;ADL;10;TCP Client: Data Send: 112 Bytes
2013/10/23;19:45:32:492;001;ADL;4;SIM not registered, ME currently searching for a new operator
2013/10/23;19:45:32:500;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 1 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:506;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Connection failure
2013/10/23;19:45:32:510;001;ADL;6;GPRS setup failure
2013/10/23;19:45:32:520;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2013/10/23;19:45:32:532;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStop(GPRS) : -27
2013/10/23;19:45:32:701;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 7 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:708;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : ME is not registered
2013/10/23;19:45:32:716;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStop(GPRS) : -27
2013/10/23;19:45:32:721;001;ADL;10;Error 1 on socket.
2013/10/23;19:45:32:730;001;ADL;9;Unset GPIO_DCD_OUT_RDY
2013/10/23;19:45:32:734;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 8 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:741;001;ADL;6;Context is deactivated either from network or ME
2013/10/23;19:45:32:920;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStop(GPRS) : -27
2013/10/23;19:45:32:924;001;ADL;27;Call unsubs 10716553 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:930;001;ADL;31;[ADL] GPRS unsubs 107122F3 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:938;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 4 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:948;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Disconnection completed after wip_bearerStop was called
2013/10/23;19:45:32:956;001;ADL;27;Call subs 10716553 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:961;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs subs 107122F3 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:32:967;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2013/10/23;19:45:33:159;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs setup 1 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:164;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStart(GPRS) : -27
2013/10/23;19:45:33:168;001;ADL;6;Connecting GPRS
2013/10/23;19:45:33:174;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2013/10/23;19:45:33:185;001;ADL;27;Call unsubs 10716553 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:190;001;ADL;31;[ADL] GPRS unsubs 107122F3 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:203;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 1 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:368;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Connection failure
2013/10/23;19:45:33:372;001;ADL;6;GPRS setup failure
2013/10/23;19:45:33:384;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 4 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:394;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Disconnection completed after wip_bearerStop was called
2013/10/23;19:45:33:402;001;ADL;27;Call subs 10716553 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:413;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs subs 107122F3 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:413;002;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2013/10/23;19:45:33:423;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs setup 1 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:587;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStart(GPRS) : -27
2013/10/23;19:45:33:591;001;ADL;6;Connecting GPRS
2013/10/23;19:45:33:596;001;ADL;2;wip_bearerStop(GPRS) : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:602;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2013/10/23;19:45:33:613;001;ADL;27;Call unsubs 10716553 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:619;001;ADL;31;[ADL] GPRS unsubs 107122F3 : 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:627;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 1 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:633;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Connection failure
2013/10/23;19:45:33:819;001;ADL;6;GPRS setup failure
2013/10/23;19:45:33:831;001;ADL;6;ipgprs_Bearer_Handler() : Bearer 10f0a198 : Event 4 : Context 0
2013/10/23;19:45:33:841;001;ADL;6;wip_Gprs_Handler() : Disconnection completed after wip_bearerStop was called

	"Developer Studio\0" "\0"
			"Open AT Application Framework package\0" "2.52.0.A1.201307221109\0"
			"Open AT OS Package\0" "6.52.0.A1.201306271522\0"
			"Firmware Package\0" "7.52.0.A1.201307191706\0"
			"Internet Library Package\0" "5.56.0.A1.201307011505\0"
			"Location Library Package\0" "\0"

Hi Peter,

I think we don’t have to quit the bearer if device lose registration because of no signal.
As on signal recover, module should register automatically and resume the data connection.

It is more interested to know why registration lost after 1 day…

Does it happen systemically?
Can you try sending below commands to module after network lost to get better idea of the issue?


Hi lotam,

yesterday I observed registration loss after only 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Confirmed. Yesterday it happened 5 times. The traces look the same as above.

Output after loosing operator:

What does the Mode: LOW POWER MODE indicate ?

Output after module started and program is running:

Hi Peter,

Thanks for testing.

From the log, at the time when it shows LOW POWER MODE, it also mentioned “+CEER: Error 235”.

If you refer to AT cmd guide, Appendix 1.4,
235 - “PDP Unsuccessful activation cause NWK reject”

Seems like module was rejected by network… Maybe you can check with the operator?
Please also contact your local distributor or FAE whom may know better the network operator you are working on, so further advice or investigation can be done.


Hi lotam,

our electrical engineer informed me that he setup the modem to run with 0.15V under the recommended 3.4V.
Over the weekend he raised the power for the modem to 3.63V.

It seems to me that the modem failed to exchange secrets with the operator when running with less power than 3.4V. Thus making the modem unable to reattach itself to the operator after the secrets expired.

With 3.63V it seems fine.

It is a possibility that we will run the modem with undervoltage and reset it when it fails.

Are there calls to the operating system to reinitialize the sim card ?

Thank you

Except the power supply (voltage/current) is unstable systemically every 1 day…
If I remember correctly, 3.6v min and 2A peak for 5ms…

Anyway, below may tell more…
AT!PCINFO? - show reason for entering low power mode.
AT!PCVOLT? - current voltage detected by module
AT!PCVOLTLIMITS? - display the threshold in which module will start low power mode.

Hope it helps.

Thank you,

we will use the recommended voltage

For the interested reader:

3.4 Volt - 2 Ampere x (Rin of your power supply + Rx of your PCB tracks + Ry + …) = some Uin at the GSM module.
What about to measure the Uin at the GSM module by digital oscilocope? If you loose the connection to the cellular operator, then some operators block you up o 15 minutes.