DS 3.2 Install: No packages found for SL808xT

OK, so I’ve just got my first 3G module - an SL8082T (in the form of a Snootlab AirPi) - and installed DS 3.2.

But the installation found No packages for SL808xT:

[attachment=0]No packages for SL808xT.png[/attachment]

So what am I supposed to do :question:

I could manually add the package.

Edit: Project Build failure moved to separate thread: viewtopic.php?f=108&t=8435

Specifically, Open AT Application Framework package 2.52.2.A5.201412171046

Can’t see the screenshot in your original post…
Is it an issue in the installer?

Hmm… now on a different computer, neither can I!
will try again later…

Yes, it was during the installation that it happened.

As noted, after installation I did manage to find & install the packages manually - but now the example project won’t build: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/ds-3-2-sl808xt-cannot-open-linker-script-file-gcc-lkopt/7662/1

trying the screenshot again…


and again - this time without ‘place inline’…

I can’t view all 3 screenshots you attached. :frowning:

I have tried the installer and it works fine for me. Dev Studio light installer displays the latest framework corresponding to the module you select in the drop down menu. 2.52.2.A5 released last month is the latest one for SL808xT. Hence it would show up and not 2.52.0 (released in Jun 2014).

And now, out of my office again, I can’t see any of my attachments nor your attachment :exclamation:

Anyhow, as noted, I think I got the packages manually - but why won’t projects build :question:


Ok, I’m reproducing the install issue with installer V2 (the one for DS 3.2)
Looking forward to fix it. And trying to reproduce the project build issue.

I repeated the install on Win XP-Pro:

I had the same issue with no packages being found, but the gcc.lkopt is created and the build does work.

Seems to be a general forum problem: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/uploads-not-working/7673/1