DS 3.2 + SL808xT: cannot open linker script file gcc.lkopt

Originally posted under DS 3.2 Install: No packages found for SL808xT, but I guess it may be a separate issue:

Having manually added the Open AT Application Framework package 2.52.2.A5.201412171046, I created the Hello World sample - but it does not build:

With previous Studios, the gcc.lkopt linker script file has been in the [Target]_ARM_EABI_GCC_Debug subfolder of the project - but it is certainly not there!


Also, there is no ‘Problems’ tab giving the filtered build diagnostics - just the raw build console output.

What’s going on :question:

I have tried at my end and I am able to install the package and I am able to build the application.

In which platform you are working on? Linux/Windows?
Also are you trying with “Build All” configuration feature?

Hope below post will help you : [url]https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/binding-error-gcc-lkopt/4139/1]


Sorry - Win7-Pro 64-bit.
Not using XP compatibility mode.

Yes, I think I was - will check later…

As noted earlier, I realise that gcc.lkopt should be auto-generated.

I can start a Python session manually at the command prompt - so I guess the Python istself must be OK?

Could this be a Java issue :question:

How do I check what Java version the PC has? What version does it need to be?

ISTR that it has to be 32-bit; even on 64-bit Windows - yes?
How would I check that?

I repeated the install on Win XP-Pro:

I had the same issue with no packages being found, but the gcc.lkopt is created and the build does work.


On XP, the gcc.lkopt is created when the Project is created - it is there in the Target_GCC_Debug folder before I even do the first build.

On Win7, the Target_GCC_Debug folder contains only mos_header.o - there is no gcc.lkopt.

Any update on this :question:

So, as a workaround, could I just copy the gcc.lkopt from the XP machine to the Win7 machine :question:

Hi Andy,
sorry for the delay, we were busy to fine polish DS 3.3 which is about to be released in the coming days.
And actually, it has a chance to fix your issue.
On this Windows 7 machine, do you have by chance (or not :wink:) a Python install in your system PATH?
This is a bug we have identified on DS 3.2, which may be “disturbed” by a system-wide Python install instead of using the one we’re bundling in DS.

If yes, before grabbing DS 3.3 (which will fix the issue), you can give a try to remove it from the PATH, and gcc.lkopt should be back…

The machine in question is not to hand at the moment, but I think that is quite likely - will check later…


If I just type ‘python’ in a Command Box, I get a Python prompt!

If I use System Proprerties > Environment Variables > User variables for awn > PATH to remove the “offending” item, DS still does not create the gcc.lkopt

If I rename the python.exe file, DS then does create the gcc.lkopt.

And the ‘hello_world’ sample Project build successfully.


After modifying the system environment, you need to close and start DS again (already launched Windows processes are not notified when an environment variable is updated).
Good to hear the issue is identified.

I see the new DS 3.3 is out:


That should fix the issue anyhow - yes?

Yes, DS 3.3 integrates a fix for this particular bug.