Developer Studio 2.2.0 does not generate gcc.lkopt file


I just installed Dev Studio 2.2.0 and compiled the sample pcm_record_play.c. It compiles but when it comes to link time
if get: linker error on the gcc.lkopt script file. This file does not seem to exist. Looking through the forum,
it seems a linker option file generated by the dev tool. How can I generate this file or mod one by hand from a template?

Target is Q26Extreme.

-“Open AT OS Package”,“”
-“Firmware Package”,“”


I am using Developer Studio 2.2.0 Build Version, when i am trying to build sample project Helloworld,

Developer Studio :
Open AT Framework package :
Open AT OS Package :
Firmware Package :
ExtendedATApplication Library Package :
Internet Library Package :

Link error: cannot open linker script file gcc.lkopt: No such file or directory.

This error i got after build the helloworld project.
if any body knows please help me out…


Normally the linker script (gcc.lkopt) is automatically generated by DS
Please can you use the technical report facility (Help > Build Technical Report) to grab the logs and project, and post the zip here?


I also need to report that the Dev Studio basically hangs ALL the time. e.g. Just selecting the Open AT Project wizard kills the IDE into hanging. I tied the original 2.0 and with the updated to 2.2 same problem. It could be that I may have selected in my previous project just C/C++ wizard which may have lead to this no gcc.lkopt script missing… mainly because the other wizzards just don’t work.

Now, I need to complete this project and don’t particular care much for ECLIPSE as an IDE. Could I get the tool or instructions or file that generates the gcc.lkopt file… and a make file so I can compile the pcm_pay_record sample…
Even Build Technical Report kills the IDE???

Any idea what to do?


Now installed into a fresh XP installation.

Java run-time 7. IDE seems now working better. I am able to open the Open AT wizard for a new project…

I will recreate the sample project and see if I still have the issue.



I was now able to compile and use the IDE as in the guide… So, this means my other machine has some Java run-time issue… will investigate.