Downloading WIPSoft

Hello to all,

I’m new to all this things, but i took all my time to read almost every message in this forum, related to what I need: send data from a Automatic Weather Observing Station (AWOS) to a PC, using a Fastrack Supreme module and GPRS service from my cell service provider.

After download WIPSoft User Guide, I can agree now that my solution will be using WIPSoft, and because all msgs said that I can download this soft from Wavecom site, has been imposible to me to find from where to do that.

Anybody can tell (or help) me with WIPSoft download ? Is it included with another download that is not explicit for me ?

I recently adquire a Fastrack Supreme 20 and I made the serial cable according to the FT User Guide. I can issue AT commands from my laptop w/o problems, but I really need WIPSoft …

Thanks in advance for your help :cry:

hi jllinas,
You should ask Distributor for WIPSoft.

Thanks trthaithong,

Sure I’ll do !

Is it WIPSoft a commercial product ? Or is downlodable one ?

Thanks again…

Your Distributor will be able to tell you!