Download multiple PRI images on RC7611

I am trying to upgrade my RC7611 modem to R9. I use qmi-firmware-update tool. I found multiple images in Sierra source. It seems that this modem can hold only one FW image, but upto 50 PRI images. If I download the images one-by-one, the PRI images show up in the list from at!image?, but is there a way to load all PRI images at one-go?

have you tried the fdt2.exe?
fdt2.exe -d g5k -ignswto -dlpato 60 -mi -f 1.cwe 1.nvu 2.nvu 2.cwe

I have a linux system. I believe this is an app for windows? Also, which one is the PRI file? .nvu or .cwe?

I think Nvu file is PRI…
But i don’t see there is any nvu file of different pri for the rc76
If you load the FW one by one, can you see the AT!IMAGE is storing all those PRIs?

Yes, if I load FWs one by one, I see the PRIs getting added when I check with at!image. Is that the only way for RC76xx?

how about you use 7zip to extract the exe?
Inside you should see something like “RC76xx_Release8_GENERIC_GCF_7620.spk”.

And then you can try “fdt2.exe -f xxx.spk yyy.spk”

I have all the different .spk downloaded from Sierra Source already for RC7611.
Do you have fdt for linux? fdt seems to be for windows?

yes, fdt2.exe is for windows only

Have you tried on windows?
Or you must try in linux??

I remember I tried to use swiflash before on linux with RC76xx module.

swiflash -m WP76XX -i RC76xx_Release9_BP6_GENERIC_test.spk

However, officially it is not supporting RC76 module, so i need to use WP76XX in the parameter.
(honestly I don’t know if there is side-effect, so maybe you try fdt2.exe in windows first)