MC7455 Multiple Firmware/Carrier

Is it possible to load multiple carrier firmware versions onto the MC7455 via Windows?

Or must this be done in linux?

We are hoping to use the MC7455 in an M2M application, so we need to “pre-load” the firmware and PRI files so we can switch them as needed without memory to store the firmware.

I have reviewed the Image Switching M2M Developers Guide, but I see no reference to the actual loading of the images onto the module.


I am going to alter my question a bit and see if that elicits a response.

How does one install an additional PRI file onto the module?

It seems that the firmware versions are primarily the same across carriers, it is the PRI that changes based on carrier. So how do load multiple PRI onto the card so we can select the correct combination?


It is my understanding that this should Just Work™ automatically. You can only have one PRI per carrier, but different carrier PRIs will be loaded into separate slots. You don’t need to reupload an existing PRI when switching carriers. Doesn’t it work that way for you?

For example, I have this right now:

FW   1    GOOD   22  0 0      ?_?
FW   2    GOOD   21  0 0      ?_?
FW   3    GOOD   23  0 0      ?_?
FW   4    GOOD   17  0 0      ?_?
Max FW images: 4
Active FW image is at slot 3

PRI  FF   GOOD   0   0 0      002.021_000
PRI  FF   GOOD   0   0 0      002.006_000
Max PRI images: 50


You’ll notice that the firmware image slots are numbered and can be addressed when uploading if you don’t want to trust the automatic slot selection. But the PRI slots are not numbered, and AFAIK there is no way to address a specifc slot when uploading PRIs. They are addressed by the carrier ID they apply to.

Sorry for the confusion. I do not want to re-load PRI’s when changing carriers.

What I want to do is “pre-load” the 7455 with the PRI’s I want on the card so I can then switch between them easily without loading anything else in the future.

In your example, you have 2 PRI loaded. How did you get these two onto your 7455? Did they just come when you installed the firmware? In which case if you install a firmware that is already loaded onto the 7455 does it just load the PRI and not the firmware?

We want to pre-load the 7455 with a single (or maybe 2 for Verizon) firmware file and all the PRI’s. Based on … -packages/

only 2 firmware files will cover everything.

So my question, is how does one go about loading 1 firmware, and multiple PRI’s?

Thanks for the guidance!


Yes, that was what I meant to say. If you install a PRI for a new carrier, then this is automatically installed in a new slot. The existing PRI(s) are kept. But you cannot install two different PRI versions for the same carrier.

It will request only the PRI and not the firmware if it already has the firmware. I am hoping the Windows firmware updater respect this request.

Doesn’t it work that way automatically if you switch between all the carriers you want to preload?

But how does one actually “install a PRI for a new carrier”?

Just install the firmware files for every carrier?

And what I will end up with is 2 firmware files (or however many distinct firmware versions there are), and multiple PRI I guess?

Maybe I am making this more difficult then it is and all I need to do is run through all the firmware install files and I will end up in the state I am looking for.

Thanks again for the help.