DOTA 3 Diff patches tool


Hello everybody,

In december my distributor told me, that Wavecom had plans to publish a tool that creates differential patches for DOTA 1 & 2 updates independently from the IDS platform. That is, you don’t have to download your full OpenAT application or a full new firmware to the module, but only the “difference” between your new and your old version, leading to considerably smaller downloads.

Now I just heard from my distributor that all plans to develop the tool are shelved for the time being (developing such a tool would be to much work for now, according to Wavecom).
I find that a real shame, since I would use such a tool rather frequently, be it only to avoid inflicting high bandwidth costs on our customers.

I was wondering how many more people would be interested in such a tool, and whether Wavecom would reconsider its choice if therer were enough.

Another possibility would be if Wavecom published more info on the binary structure of FWs and OpenAT apps, so that customers (like me) could write their own diff patch generator.

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This tool certainly sounds useful to me! They obviously need the tool internally for IDS, so claiming it’s “too much work” just means they don’t want to polish it up for general use. Or they’re just trying to drive us to pay them for IDS. :stuck_out_tongue:


IDS sounds like a good idea in general. It contains vital functions for “on the field” usage and debugging. But I have already implemented 80% of the features it offers, simply because I nedded them and there was no IDS available back then. With that in mind, I don’t see why I should pay a lot of money and reveal my customers phone number to Wavecom just to have DOTA 3…

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We’re in the exact same situation as you. We already have the diagnostics and remote firmware updating in place, so we have no incentive to use IDS. It would be nice to have the patch capability, but it’s not going to drive us to scrap our tools in favor on adapting new IDS tools.