Does FX30 support audio?

I’m wondering if fx30 gateway support the audio, i think there is no codec wm8944 … correct? we can neither record sound nor voice (via a call) … can someone confirm please?

Is that ATI3 showing it is using WP77 module?

Is so, then WP77 is not supporting audio:

I have two fx30, one with wp76 embedded module and the other with wp77 | the question is not about the modules capabilities but it’s more about fx30, if there is not a codec inside (like the Mangoh board) this is means that we can not have the audio ! i just need a confirmation from Sierra team about this.

do you see audio jack hole in Fx30?

No … so the FX30 gateway are doen’t support the audio

I believe the FX30 WP76xx series supports audio. You can use the legato APIs.

With FX30 WP76xx, I tried to record a call (voice) using this sample :legato-af/audioCallPbRecApp.c at 18.06-release · legatoproject/legato-af · GitHub
But i got a empty audio file, i can hear nothing.