Different responses



I would like to know the defference between the response types in the adl API.

-ADL_AT_UNS(unsolicited response)
-ADL_AT_INT (intermediate response)

Does anyone know this information or can someone provide a reference to the information.



Hi wavelet,

  • You get ADL_AT_RSP as the final answer to an AT command that you sent to the moden

  • ADL_AT_UNS messages can be received pretty much any time without a previously sent AT command (e.g. battery charge indications)

  • ADL_AT_INT is a response to an AT command, but the command is not processed entirly (e.g. when sending an SMS by AT commands you would receive the “>” to prompt for data as an intermediate response.)

Best Regards,


Ok, that makes sense. I thought it these were more towards the client app, v24 process, and a external device.