Signal Strength

Trying to find out the signal strength of the device

adl_atCmdCreate("AT+CSQ", TRUE, (adl_atRspHandler_t)signalStrength, "", NULL);

What type is adl_atResponse_t?
How can I get the data out of the handler?
I have been looking at the docs and I am not even sure there is a way :slight_smile:

void signalStrength(adl_atResponse_t *paras)

Once again thank you for your help. It is most appreciated!


The data will be passed to your handler function in paras->StrData.

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Wavecom docs are often bad, but not that bad! Unless they really messed-up between v3.03 (I have here) and v3.10 (you have?)

The adl_atResponse_t type is described in the ADL User Guide for Open-AT v3.03 on page 24 in the description of the callback function.

As Jan says, the StrData element of the structure contains the unsolicited response.

Maybe that’s what confused you:

What do they mean by the “name” of the response?
It is the repsonse - not just its name!

I think it must’ve lost something in the translation from the original French… :unamused:

Anyhow, StrData will contain the unsolicited response, as a string, exactly as if you had typed the command manually - so see the AT Commands manual for further details of the content of the string.

I had completely missed that, how very blonde of me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help,