uart 2 Q24 classic do not send at responses!!!


Hi all
i have a trouble with Q24 classic OS 3.12 firmare 6.57

i have uart2 woking in at mode, i have it open, and config the baudrate rigth, i can send at commands and i handle some of then in my own callbacks (i see it with breakpoints), but the strange thing is that when i send a response using:

where uartat2send is the data to send, this data is send to the uart1!!!

the data is do not send at uart1 but nothing shows, until i execute a new at from uart2.
For example “AT” then show the previus Send response and the OK for the AT command, it is buffered in somewhere.

what the hell is going on?


Ups!!! :open_mouth:
the parameters are not in good order

(ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_AT_RSP,ADL_AT_UART2),uartat2send); bad
(ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_AT_UART2,ADL_AT_RSP),uartat2send); rigth

since app do not understant what ADL_AT_RSP port is it send to uart 1 thats rigth