Differences hanging up with devices

I have an issue that is in part related to a previous post of mine.

I have two devices:

  • Q2687
  • Q26Extreme

This is due to using two different network providers (lets say provider A and B).

My code waits for a call from a specific number and once it receives it, hangs up the line and carries out it’s duties (simplistic explanation).
To hang up the call I’m using:

adl_atCmdCreate("ATH0", FALSE, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Now testing this by calling the device manually with my cell phone (as opposed to another matched device doing so) I get slightly different outcomes depending on which device:

With the Q2687 with provider A as soon as the device hangs up it drops the call on my end. i.e. I hear: ring (as the call is completely dropped)

With the Extreme and provider B I hear: ring . beep . beep . beep . beep . beep . beep (hangup signal I think it’s called? same noise you hear if you call an engaged line. I supposed this will be different per country? I’m in NZ btw :slight_smile: )

This appears to me to be a device setting? As i’ve been able to put the sim from provider A into the Extreme and experience the same deal with the beeping.
Would anyone be able to confirm wherever there may be a setting (for the Q26Extreme) that would cause it to totally drop the connection and thus result in the abrupt break of call that i’m looking for?

Again, any information would be most appreciated :slight_smile:
In the mean time i’ll keep trying to figure this out.


Did you try to disable the automatic redailing mode from the calling side
and try to perform the test.