I am with 651 Version.

Without Open AT embeded application I do
I get CONNECT and PPP data
I do +++ I get OK
I do ATH I get OK

and I get NO CARRIER in more then 25 secondes !!!

How can I reduce this time so that I do get faster the NO CARRIER message?

Thank You.


If you have the possibility, then you could try to disconnect with the DTR signal in the serial interface. Just make sure that AT&D2 is configured.



Unfortunately the machine connected to the Gprs does not have the
DTR signal.

I notice that when I receive ADL_CALL_EVENT_HANGUP_OK_FROM_EXT form the ATH and when I do at that time
adl_atCmdCreate (“at+cgatt=0”, TRUE, (adl_atRspHandler_t)NULL, NULL);

I do receive the NO CARRIER in about 10 secondes, which is much better but unfortunately the modem FREEZES from time to time.

Is there some other commandes that I can do to speed up the reception of NO CARRIER ???
Is there something to pay attention not to do when I receive
If I subscribe the FCM flow at that time the modem boots…

Thank you,