Developers with time on their hands?


Hi All,

Who’s played the M2M Studio version of Frogger?

Available here:

I guess the final customer release of M2M Studio is not that far away…

ciao, Dave


:open_mouth: How did you find that?



It was an graphical link on the developer/products page!

ciao, Dave


Ah! Shows how much I pay attention to all the clutter on their web site. :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys - I don’t know! Too smart I think :wink: We’re not ready to play yet but I’m happy to see you raring to go :smiley:

The launch is 20th Jan and everything is ready now so let the game begin (tomorrow). Sorry we had to reset the scores :angry:

And like I said in another post, we’re all looking forward to seeing M2M Studio in use and plenty of constructive feedback for us to improve future versions (2 planned this year).

May the best man, woman, pet or other game playing mamal win :laughing:


So what about all the poor, unheeded, game-playing non-mamals, then?? :open_mouth:


As soon as she’s through with this State-Machine design, our cat will be right onto it:


(note the Fastrack in the background 8) )


Sorry, raptors NOT allowed…