Developer Zone moved out of beta


Dear everyone,

You may have noticed it: we’ve finally removed the “beta” sign from the logo on the Developer Zone!

Behind this, we made the following enhancements:

  • AirVantage 4 M2M Cloud is now open to everyone, and AirVantage 3.x has been deprecated. All AirVantage 3 content have been removed from the Developer Zone
  • Get Stated pages have been reworked
  • Resources search engine has been improved to be able to search within documents (like PDF files or HTML content), and provide better results based on product tags

Moreover, in the coming days, all technical content for developers will be removed from the corporate website download section to reside on the developer zone only (most of them were duplicated until now…). The developer Zone now contains all technical documentation for AirPrime & AirLink Open AT products, as well as ALEOS AF AirLink products. The corporate website download section will still host AirCard and AirLink user documentation.

I hope you’ll appreciate this release of the Developer Zone. Feel free to provide feedback.