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Can anyone please tell me how to downgrade from version 2.1.1.

I am having problems in opening the USB port, downloading the firmware and also while downloading the application. Even after installing the bug fix patch (as discussed in topic viewtopic.php?f=108&t=5951&start=15) which fixed some parts but I still the problems exist. After several tries of opening and closing the ports several times, I could able to communicate with the device. This is so annoying, as I have many devices which needs upgrading the firmware and downloading my application into them on a regular basis.

The older version is really good. Can any one help me to get the setup file for it.



Please can you elaborate on the FW version you’re using?
Did you upgraded the USB driver to 3.8.2? Did you switched the USB PID to COM mode?

All the devices which come from my distributor have FW and I upgrade them to FW

I had upgraded the USB driver and when I switch the USB PID to COM mode I get an error

But I don’t get this error with FW 7.46.

Is it anything to do with firmware? Should I rebuild my application using FW 7.46 and use only FW 7.46 from now onwards?

The error which I get with FW 7.44 is

“Switch USB driver mode to ‘Sierra Wireless COM Device’=> ERROR: An error occured when trying to switch usb driver to Sierra Wireless COM device.”

Actually, the USB driver mode switch can be performed only from 7.45 FW version…
If you have the choice, we recommend you to migrate to 7.46 FW.
DS 2.1.1 is working best with recent FW (I mean >= 7.45) over USB in COM mode.

Thanks Daav