Developer Studio 1.2.0 available


Please can you confirm that with exactly the same configuration but DS 1.1.2, your app was building successfully?
Interrupt handlers stacks are indeed defined by ADL to 0, in order to let the application link when it doesn’t define them. But the keyword here is application. In your case, you’re defining the stacks in an external library, and as GCC is a little bit “sensitive” on the command line order, ADL definitions are taken first. Command line invocation hasn’t changed between 1.1.2 and 1.2.0, so if you can have a look to the build log in 1.1.2 to check for a difference, it could be helpfull.


I deleted everything and re-installed. Got an error on installation (sorry, clicked the copy log to clipboard, but it disappeared so not sure what the error was), so deleted everything again including the old workspace folder and reinstalled again (This time only installed Developer Studio and Embedded Software, not Discovery Tool or Drivers), and it looks like everything is working now. Have no idea what the problems were!

Thanks for the help.


Ok, this is really getting quite annoying. When I opened up Developer Studio this morning, the WIP plugin was missing again. WTF? It was there yesterday, and now its gone! It is still sitting in the Embedded Software folder, but it is not showing up in the package manager and my applications won’t compile without it. I think I better go back to 1.1.2 until 1.2.0 is stable…

PS, using Windows 7 32 bit. Nothing else fancy or different.


Please can you attach the error log? (.log file in the .metadata directory of your workspace)
This is indeed definitely not normal and we need this file for investigation.


Hi daav

Have replicated the problem. I reinstalled Developer Studio, and when it opened after the install I chose my working directory and checked the box that says “Use as default and don’t ask again”, and the WIP plugin was there. I then closed developer studio, and opened it again. I got asked to enter the workspace again, so I chose the same workspace and ticked the box again. Now the WIP plugin is missing again. Log file attached.

I noticed that on first startup developer studio checks for package updates. The firewall at my work blocks these updates, and I normally use an open line to download updates and packages. Could this be causing a problem? Thanks for your help.

PS, The extension log is not allowed in the forum, so I have compressed it to a zip file ( (3.76 KB)


Shouldn’t be an issue.
The log shows something’s going wrong with some files in “C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Developer Studio\dropins\com.wavecom.openat.ide.spm.fw.model.”
Please can you list the files located there (dir /s > list.txt in a command shell)?
Can you confirm where are installed your packages: in C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Developer Studio\dropins or in C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Developer Studio\Embedded Software?


Hi daav

My packages are installed in C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Developer Studio\Embedded Software. I don’t have any folder called dropins in C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless\Developer Studio. Attached is the directory listing of the Sierra Wireless folder.

I have deleted and reinstalled Developer Studio again, and I get the same problem: WIP plugin is there when it first loads, but then disappears if I close and reopen the software. log is attached as well. (118 KB) (3.68 KB)


Sounds familiar… We’ve already heard about issues like this.
Please can you make these tries:

  • run DS (when installed in Program Files) as Administrator (from right-click menu on m2mstudio.exe)
  • install DS & Embedded Software out of C:\Program Files directory


Success!!! I set the program to run as Administrator for all users while installed in program files, and it looks like everything is working again. Can’t believe it was something so simple, and that I didn’t think to try that!

Thanks for your help today daav. Nice that SiWi is getting involved on the forum at least for Developer Studio!

Now, time for some actual work…


Ok, good to know.
In DS 1.2.0 we removed “tagging” of m2mstudio.exe to automatically run it as Administrator, since we removed Selima (part of former Target Management system) and thought it wasn’t necessary anymore. But it seems we were wrong…
We’re going to mention that in the release note, and investigate little bit more to fix it definitely in next release.

Thanks for the investigation.


Where can we report bugs that we find in DS 1.2.0? Should we start a new thread named “Developer Studio 1.2.0 Bug List”? I’ve found a couple (nothing big, just annoying things, and it would be nice to have a place where they can be recorded. Thoughts?


Sounds like a good idea to me!