Dev Studio 5.3.1 Mac Docker is not initialized; can't trigger the build process


After install of Developer Studio 5.3.1 on my mac, it connected to MangOH Red ok, but on trying to run helloWorld, a problem is reported: Docker is not initialized; can’t trigger the build process. Under DevStudio->Preferences->Docker->Docker Compose, I see a warning The ‘docker-compose’ command could not be located in /usr/local/bin. Same warning for ->Docker Machine. I’m getting an understanding that these Docker products are needed. But why were they not installed successfully along with DevStudio? Is this a Mac thing?


Hi @jDotAtMacForum

Mac support for Developer Studio is done on “best effort”, since regarding the size of our user base on this platform, it wasn’t decided to invest much on it.
I mean, you’re the really first one giving feedback on this for years :slight_smile:

So that’s true that the install process is not that good polished for Mac.
You need to install Docker separately: