Developer studio how can i upload an app to my mangoh

I have a little question. How can i upload my helloWorld app as example to my mangoh yellow? Is there an example? Thanks in advanced!

I already found it but when i try to run and build my helloWorld app i get an error:


How about just build the project?

Is there any compilation error?

I get this when i only build, is it a problem?

Didn’t you are using build and run?
I saw 3 tasks are running

I pressed this button:


How about the hammer button

As i press the hammer i get this:

Suggest you use linux version of developer studio

Okey, i will try that. Thanks for your help!

Hi, it’s me again. When i try to install Developer studio on my Linux virtual machine i get an error on my screen.
When i’m going to look in this folder there is no log file. I downloaded developer studio from:

then maybe you can try VSCODE +LEAF as Developer studio is end of life.