Default Status Report / Dataset

In ALMS, when configuring communications on a device, you have the option to get a default Status Report. Is there a complete list of the parameters pulled? I found
I feel this is only a partial list. Is that the complete list of settings? If not is there a full list or an example of the data set? I am wanting to create one, but would like to use the full set as a template, then take out what I am not interested in.
For reference, we have RV50, RV50X, GX400, LX60, X and XE in the field.

Thank You!
Ben Smith

“Status report” in “Configure communications” will get Default Status Report, the list of parameters are in above link.
If you don’t want to use the default list, you can configure your datasets:

  • Configure -> Datasets -> Create new dataset -> Select Firmware of your device ( from public application) -> Continue
  • “Select all Data”, if you want to report all parameters, or check to any parameters that you want-> Save dataset
  • In “Configure communications”, you can disable Default Report and enable “Additional Datasets”, select your dataset and schedule to report.


Jerdung, you are saying that that list is all of the parameters? That was the question I was trying to ask, I don’t think I made the clear. THanks!

Yes, if you select “All Data” in the Dataset, it will list all of the parameters.
Make sure that the selected firmware fits with your device.


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