Default Application for Q24 Plus from manufacture

We are from San Jose, California USA. Our current product use a Q24 Plus module Q24pl001, now it is fade out already. we can not buy it from manufacture any more but floating around on the market we still see some, special from China. The problem is : We did not know what kind of boot loader, Firmware and Application they load in there therefore If we buy from this source (not from manufacture) we need to reload to reset all: boot loader, firmware and application that match with the one we use to be use before from MFG.
We can find out : downloader = v02.1c, Firmware = 6.57d and Open AT OS = v3.13 but we did not know what is default application that Wavecom loaded in there If this application exist in the SDK package or if we can by anyway to clone it from the known good Q24pl001 modules that we have on hand, Help please…

The default is that no application is loaded.

If no App. was loaded “Application OS” (Revision) will show “None” in these modules, Application OS is showed “v3.13” (for firmware v6.57d).