Datacall over GSM not working (ATDph#; works ATDph# does not

  1. When we dial out of WMP100:
    atdphone#; - makes the voice call to the phone#
    atdphone# - without ; does not make call and says NO CARRIER

  2. When dialing into the WMP100 from PC (or phone) WMP gives out:

CALL EVENT: 0 (ignored) - each time a ring occurs.

What could be the reason.

Is it possible that WMP100 is not configure to make Data GSM calls? If that
is the case how what configuration is required?

(Note seemed to have posted this earlier, but I cannot locate my posting - potential for duplicate)

You did - it’s here: … php?t=1839

Easy: go to your Profile - there is a link there to find all of your own posts! 8)