Waiting for incomming gsm call

Hi Developers,

i am new in Open AT and so i probably have some “newbie” question to you! :slight_smile:

We try to set up some Wavecom GSM modules for our Hardware devices for diagnostical operations.

These are the Key-Features of my “simple” problem.

  • The Modem must wait for an Incomming all on the GSM data line.
  • When there is an incomming call: open and connect to my embedded application; direct link to the serial port closed.
  • next, an username (ASCII Chars) is transmitted from the remote Computer trough the GSM line.
  • username correct: Connect Flow GSM <-> UART1 for 1:1 data transmission.
  • incorrect: hang up
  • call terminates on remote computer hang up.

I don’t need a complete soloution, just some examples for this problems:

  • Do i get GSM Flow Strings through the Parser() function? When yes, wich message type?
  • Wich flow has to be set, to send the ATS0 command (call waiting) from my embedded application?

I would be very lucky and gratefully if some can help me out of my “child-shoes” because no tutorial or sample project handles such a problem.

Thank you