Data not reaching fully to the server

I am facing a problem with Wavecom Q24 Plus module as mentioned…
In my application I need to send a string of GPS data to a comm. server from the GSM/GPRS module over TCP/IP protocol.Everything fine with Q24Plus,only problem is the data is not reaching in fully length,I mean its broken in parts and received by the server which displays the broken data as full and I get a very bad end result.[/b]

Hi smahmed,

this is hard to tell what’s wrong if we do not see the code… Do you check for error codes everywhere when sending? Are you stopping to call adl_fcmSendData() after it returned ADL_FCM_RET_OK_WAIT_RESUME?
Or did you get all the data in the end, not missing any bytes just with delays inbetween? in this case you would need to implement some logic into the receiver to concat the parts. The receiver should know how the end of a GPS record looks like, shouldn’t it?

Best Regards,

Hi Jan,

Thanks for ur comments…will try joining the data at the server after receiving.

SM Ahmed