Prolem using series Q2406B in zero inbox mode


Hi all,

We are using Q2406B Wavecom modems and trying to implement WMQTT Protocol with this.

Have few issues while implementing this in zero inbox mode.

  1. If we are sending 500 messages with the time gap of 1.5 sec between every message, sometimes we receive 10 -15 message simultaniously without any time gap.
    Note: Each message is of around 300bytes.

  2. Sometimes we receive some garbagge datas.

  3. Sometimes we receive datas from different topics which is not been subscribed.

If somebody is facing same problem please give us the solutions.

Thanks and Regards,

Kiran A Holla.


Your first step must be to determine where the problem lies; ie,

  • are you receiving corrupt/unexpected messages because that is what your server is sending?
  • is the server fine, but your client implementation is faulty?
  • both of the above!


Hi awneil,

Thanks for the reply.
Yhe am sure server is sending the right data, since am using some utility which listen to same topic.
I believe the corrupt data is due to my first problem which I have specified. This might be due to overloading of internal buffer inside the modem.

Think if my first problem gets solved, then my other 2 problem might get solved.

Thanks and regards,

Kiran A Holla.


Good - so start debugging the first problem, then! 8)


Thanks for the reply.

So this what the reply I get from this forum. :frowning:


The quality of the response is directly related to the quality of the information you provide.

How do you expect anyone to be able to offer any meaningful insight on the basis of the scant information you provided?

All we can tell from what you’ve said is that your code doesn’t work - so the only thing that can be said is that you need to find the problem(s) and fix them!

You need to provide more information if you want to get better replies:

  • Have you carefully checked your code against the WMQTT specifications and the wavecom API documentation?
  • What is the structure of your code - do you have a basic comms layer, with the WMQTT layer above? If so, is the basic comms layer working correctly?
  • Does your code check all API return codes?
  • What debugging, testing, etc have you done so far to find the problem(s)?
  • Have you built diagnostic tracing, etc, into your code to show its progress? What does it tell you?
  • Do you have any other implementations agsainst which you can compare this one?

etc, etc, etc,…