CUSD Issue with Q2303A


I’m starting developing with Wavecom; Trying to switch from Teltonika. So, I thought I woudl start with a low cost solution and got a modem based on Wavecom Q2303A. Pleas ehelp me undertand how to send CUSD commands with this modem. I have done this with other makes but something seems to be different with this specific modem.

The command I’m sending is AT+CUSD=1,"#123#",15.

With other modems, I get the answer 2 to 5 seconds seconds after typing the message. The OK will typically comes after the response from the carrier. But with Wavecom Q2303A, I get the OK directly after typing the the command.And after that, the modem is blocked and can’t do anything anymore. Note that it doesn’t even show the response from the carrier.

Any idea?


try "123# " instead of “#123#”
or atd