Create VPN to a Meraki MX105 Non-Meraki VPN

I am certain that someone has created this connection, so I figured why reinvent the wheel.

Does anyone have directions that worked for them?

Hi @jason.crockett,

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Which Airlink router do you want to create a VPN to the Meraki MX105?

For example, if you are using RV50X, you can refer to section 6: VPN Configuration on page 157 of the Software Configuration Guide at the following link:


Thank you for the response.

I am setting up a RV50x. and I am familiar with creating VPN’s with RV50x to RV50x, as well RV50x to Mikrotik. I am just struggling getting RV50x to a MX-105.

Hi @jason.crockett,

If you are familiar with configuring RV50X and have not encountered any issues, you can refer to the MX-105 user guide for more information.

Alternatively, you can seek further assistance on the Meraki MX105 forum or community.