Controlling BC127 discovery board with arduino


I am using a BC127 Discovery board and I’m trying to control the BC127 on the discovery board via the UART pins on an arduino. I have tried to tap directly onto the UART Header and sending the desired message, however when viewing the signal, I can see that the pin remains high always. I suspect this has something to do with the FT232R being hard wired directly to the BC127 UART pins, preventing the signal from going low (as seen in the image below). I have tried powering it off the “USB to Host” (CON1) as well as off J7, but I still only get a high signal. Is there a way that I can command the BC127 discovery boar via the UART header?


I have found the solution to my problem. SW1, which is not labelled on the development board schematic, allows me to connect and disconnect the BC127 from the FT232R. I can now command the BC127 via a arduino.