After successfully upgrading the Open AT Application using the adl_adInstall command, we get a ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS adl_InitType_e. The problem is that on any subsequent reboot we get ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS adl_InitType_e. Before the adl_adInstall we got ADL_INIT_POWER_ON. Even wiping the app and clearing the flash memory and then downloading the app via developer studio does not resolve the problem. Restore factory settings also makes no difference. Disconnecting power and then reconnecting also makes no difference. How to get ADL_INIT_POWER_ON initialisation going again or what will cause a Continuous ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS?

We are using firmware version 7.47 and have used adl_adInstall in the past without any problems…

Which module you are using?
This issue is known and fixed in FW R7.51.0, you may try to upgrade to latest version and test again.