Over the Air Upgrade of Open AT Aopplication

Hi All,

I want to use OTA feature of SL6087, to upgrade the Open AT Application. I have followed the steps mentioned in ADL user guide under Application and Data Storage section for the same.
With that, downloaded successfully the Open AT Application DWL file and stored it in an A&D Cell. The A&D Cell is also getting successfully finalized and installed.
After that SL6087 resets, but the reboot type is being reported as


instead of


Please let me know if any point I missed while doing OTA.

I am using following set of firmware package
Firmware: R7.46
SDK Profile: 2.36


That generally indicates that the dwl file was corrupted when it was downloaded to the A&D memory, and could thus not be installed correctly. Check that the dwl file is good, and then check that it is correctly downloaded and stored in the A&D memory with no bits missing.

Please share some doc explaining format of DWL file. And, how can we validate that sanity of downloaded DWL file.

While the dwl file itself may have some way of being validated before install, I’d recommend instead to create a checksum of the known good file and have a way to calculate and compare checksum in your application as well before attempting the install of the new application.

Successfully used OTA from A&D storage since firmware 6.6x.
Filled storage both through XModem over serial port (custom downloader, not +WDWL) and through FTP over GPRS.

Thanks, If possible, please share the code used for firmware validation, and steps followed for OTA.


After updating the Wireless Firmware Revision to R7.47.4, i am able to successfully update the Open AT Application over the Air as suggested by my Vendor as he said there is a bug with R7.46 with respect to OTA.