adl_InitGetType() always return ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD after DoTA


Hi Masters.

After DoTA, adl_InitGetType() always return ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD even I restart my module several times with AT+CFUN=1 or by unplug the power supply.

Then I leave it powered on for 5-10 minutes and reboot with AT+CFUN=1 and suddenly return ADL_INIT_POWER_ON.

Is it normal behavior?
How long it takes time to change status from ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD to ADL_INIT_POWER_ON?

Refers to ADL_USER_GUIDE_637.pdf (section, page 33), I think it’s only return ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD once (after successfull install process adl_adInstall) and should return ADL_INIT_POWER_ON after normal reboot (using AT+CFUN=1 or unplug power supply).

my module : GL6100
DS :
OpenAT Framework :
Firmware :
OpenAT OS :

Any explanation will make me happy :smiley:

TRACE output :

2013/03/25;06:31:52:996;002;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS
2013/03/25;06:32:14:746;002;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS
2013/03/25;06:32:30:574;003;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS
2013/03/25;06:34:48:136;002;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS
2013/03/25;06:35:36:614;001;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_DOWNLOAD_SUCCESS
2013/03/25;06:45:31:610;002;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_POWER_ON
2013/03/25;06:46:13:608;001;ADL;2;MAIN TASK : ADL_INIT_POWER_ON


That’s a known problem with FW 7.47.0
There is later 7.47.x that fixes it afaik.


Thanks for the Information tobias.