We are working on providing an AIO solution for a client currently using a Sprint Netgear 341U, but needing to go internal to prevent theft of USB air card.

So, most custom AIO solutions require a thin mini-ITX motherboard, which require a full-size mini-PCI express slot and ability to allow the 3G/4G signal circuit with SIM card.

Does anyone know of a thin mini-ITX motherboard that would support the MC7354? I have tried all of the manufacturers like ECS, Asus/Aaeon, Gigabyte, etc, but they all have similar issues: no circuit support for the 3G/4G signal and/or SIM card slot.

Help as this project needs to move forward, and we are stuck.

I believe there are lots of such solutions out there. This is just one of the first ones Google found: … bdw-u.html

I have no idea if this is a usable card. Google for yourself :slight_smile:

You could also use a SIM adapter like this one with any ITX card with a mini PCIe slot: … XQh8NTebN2