Any Recommended MiniPCI-e To USB Board?

I’m still looking for a mini PCI-e to USB board so I can use a MC7700 through USB The MC7354 seems to work fine but the MC7700 just heats up after a few second. What do you guys recommend to go from mini PCI-e to USB?



The obvious answer is to use the Sierra Wireless dev kit but these are are some what expensive. Probably a more cost effective solution would be to call the UK distributor Linkwave ( as they have designed a daughter card for the MC’s to sit on and work with.



The dev kit is of course nice if within budget.

But for low budget testing, then any cheapo adapter from eBay should do fine. I’ve tried several different samples and they all worked fine. I cannot recommend any particular though, as it has been a while since I bought them and the sellers seems to have vanished… But it’s a simple, passive adapter and hard to screw up, so you don’t risk much.

Note: You may want to select one with a SIM slot if you are going to test the SIM interface. There are also variants with integrated antennas if you want that, but they tend to be more expensive.