Compatibility with old machine (dial tone checking)

Hi everybody,

i’d like to use GL series GSM modem instead of classic analog modem for M2M reporting with old Motorola radio basestation.

This systems always perform a dial tone checking by sending “atdt” command (without phone number), plus this sequence cannot be configured.
with classic modems , the answer “BUSY” is send, but the GL modem always answer “ERROR”. as a consequence, the basestation considers that it cannot do outgoing data calls.

Is it possible to configure the gsm modem to make it answer “BUSY”?

That sounds highly dodgy to me - I don’t think it is a reliable, modem-independent indication of dial tone :question:

I think that would be perfectly correct behaviour.

Not “configure” it - but you could have an Open-AT application to intercept the command and give the response you require…?