Call rejection

I am dialling modem2 from modem1, after the event “ADL_CALL_EVENT_RING_DATA” generated in modem2 I am disconnecting(rejecting) the call using the API “adl_callHangup()” and I am getting the message “NO CARRIER” at the modem1 end.But I suppose the message should be “Busy”. Please help me.

That is the correct response!

Why do you suppose that?

For the precise call-clearing cause, use AT+CEER after you receive “NO CARRIER”

where do i get the error list.and i am getting “error 31” wat does it mean?

Error codes are listed in an Appendix at the end of the AT Commands manual

In appendix The error code 31(GSM 04.08) corresponds to “Normal,Unspecified”. I am getting the same “Error 31” for not answering the call and for rejecting the call … how to solve it

There is nothing to solve - it is the correct behaviour!

Ok but I wanto get the error 21(call rejected) at the dialling modem… for this what i have to do at the receiving modem?

The modem is only reporting the Clearing Cause given to it by the network - if the network doesn’t provide the information, there is no other way for the modem to obtain it, I’m afraid. :frowning:

I agree that it would be useful, but I don’t think the network supports it - so there’s nothing you can do. :frowning:

What are you actually trying to achieve here?

As either GSM or GPRS bearer can be used at a time, when there is a GPRS process going on(I am using GPRS to upload files to FTP server and using Q24+ WM) I dont wanto accept the data call but reject it. At this time the dialling end should kno dat call has been rejected and should wait for some time before 2nd try, or else there will be a continuose attempt to establish the call and hence the GPRS process would be affected.

Please provide an alternate solution if u think by which i can tell the dialling modem to wait for some time.

Actually, that’s exactly the same reason why I would have liked to be able to specifically reject a call!

All automatic calling systems have to be designed to cope with the called number being unavailable - in some places, this is a legal requirement.

You need to implement a suitable retry pattern; eg:

  • 1st retry after 1 minute
  • 2nd retry after a further minute
  • 3rd retry after a further 5 minutes


Alternatively, if you also have control of the GPRS side of the system, implement some means to tell the called modem to expect an incoming data call…

I will try with dat idea awneil…I have one more problem with GPRS, while uploading any file(say a .txt file) to FTP server after writing the last chunk of data for how much time do i have to wait to close the data and FTP channel.
Before i used to close the channels immediatly after writing all the bytes to FTP server then i observed the last part of the data not being written to m using a timer to close d channels after 1 minute from writing all the bytes. So please tell me the time after which i can close d channels writing d data properly.