Column select?

How does one select a “column” of text in M2M Studio?

ie, a rectangular block of text - not the usual “stream”…

In Word and Visual Studio, it’s Alt+drag; ie, you hold down Alt while dragging over the area of text required (with the left mous button held down).

Maybe this works for M2M studio, too?

It doesn’t work on M2M :cry: I install it and only appears as a feature if I open Eclipse directly, if I run M2M it doesn’t work.

WAVECOM TEAM: Please include it in next M2M releases!!!

If I remember well, I think that the next release of Eclipse (3.5 - Galileo, which will be released in june) will support columns selection & copy/paste.
M2M Studio is currently based on Eclipse 3.4
I guess it will embed the column support as soon as it will be based on Eclipse 3.5

It does! :smiley:

For details,
See: … in-eclipse

And: … atsnew.htm