CnS reference for MC77xx


Is there a CnS Reference document for the MC77xx? So far I only found an “AirPrime UMTS MC Series
CnS Reference 2130602” for MC8xxx.

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Same document would work for MC77XX modem also if you are using them in CnS mode obviously…

Anyhow, i’ll see what i can do … may be uploading new doc or changing the tags…


What about LTE? “AirPrime UMTS MC Series CnS Reference 2130602” does not mention LTE at all.
For example we are getting value 9 for the system Mode when conentced to the LTE network but table Table 13-21 only goes up to 8.

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I’m not sure whether CnS was ever updated to be used in LTE capable modems… you better just use QMI, MBIM or AT-based DirectIP modes instead.