MC7304 CnS Port

G’Day All,

We used the MC8705 on a previous project for 3G communications on the Australian Telstra Network. Now we are doing a similar project in a different area and would like to use the Telstra 4G offering instead. To control card the MC8705 we developed some software that talks to the CnS port. I’m wondering if the MC7304 card has a CnS port? I’ve read as much documentation that I could find on the card but didn’t find any conclusive yes or no on a CnS port.

The other card that is an option is the MC7430, but from my experimentation that doesn’t have a CnS port (I’ve plugged the card in with drivers installed and none popped up in device manager). If neither card has a CnS port what other options are there for writing software to control the card (connect with credentials, reconnect, etc.)?

MC7304 is a QMI module.
You can communicate to this module through QMI packets or via SDK available at


Thank you for the response.

I’ll look into the QMI interface and see how I go connecting to it from Windows.