Change Radio Module in RV50

I am located in Australia, I have several RV50 modems and noticed that one was a North American version with MC7354 radio module installed. I wanted to change it to the APAC version so I purchased a MC7304 module which I have installed. I expected the RV50 would detect the change, however it still lists the MC7354 as the module type and will not let me install firmware for the MC7304.

Is it possible to change the module type in an RV50?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @sales1,

Regarding your manual replacement of MC7354 with MC7304 module without any additional update action, RV50 still lists the module type as MC7354.
Sierra Wireless does not recommend manually replacing modules inside Airlink devices.
If you want to replace the RV50 with the North America version by the APAC version, please contact the nearest distributor for assistance.