Change imei on em7455

i have problem withe lenovo p50 and em7355 and it can not be solved!

after 3 week search i found a em7455 module but is not working because it is blocked from regulatory

there is any way to change em7455 imei ?

i don’t think you can change the imei.

Hi @behi4321,
Agree with Jyi that we cannot change the imei on the module.
Can you clarify

How is the module blocked? Does it mean that you cannot access the AT command? or you cannot get the interface after plugging it into the Lenovo? Can you share if there is any error output?

in my country we have a regulatory that is trust imei of all device (such as tablet or mobile or laptop or …) and if the device blocked by regulatory MTN or other provider cant Provide services to this device
regulatory support center told to me:

We apologize for providing services due to duplication of imei!

maybe imei of this module is copied on another module in iran and i need to change original imei of this device to work!

IMEI is unique after production and cannot be changed. Therefore, it is impossible to copy from other modules.

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Hi @behi4321,
I understand your situation but it is impossible to change the module’s imei. Please consider buying the module from the trusted distributor I wish you can access the link and order it successfully

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in some of device such as Huawei modem can change imei from AT command
i understand :
there is no way to change IMEI in Sierra brand
there is no way No way to change Lenovo P50 whitelist
there is no way to buy from any online shop for me! :crazy_face:

if anybody have a new solution about my problem please reply this topic i,m still hopeful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
tnx in advance


Lenovo uses whitelisting in the BIOS system, your issue is the VEN-ID with the card, not the IMEI…
I changed one from Dell’s code to the generic one a long time ago, but it is risky (can brick the card). I wouldn’t know what to enter for what Lenovo wants. Is the EM7355 an option for Lenovo for that laptop, if it works in your X1…

Alright… I looked it up… Your title has 7455, your post has 7355… The 7355 will not work in the Lenovo P50. A Lenovo 7455, likely. 00JT542, will, this is the part you need.

This is just Lenovo being ‘special’, many of HPs laptops have similar issues too… You need their parts, and only their parts. You won’t be able to change the WiFi card either by the way.