Sierra EM7355 Not working on Lenovo P50

Sierra EM7355 Not working on Lenovo P50
this erorr
“1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the network card.”

It works properly on Lenovo X1

can i change device Hardware id on x1 and install it on the p50?

Hi @behi4321,

I see you mention EM7355 in the title, however in the description, it is EM7455. Can you please confirm it is Sierra Wireless EM7355 or Sierra Wireless EM7455?

If you are using Sierra Wireless EM7355, assuming that you installed Sierra Wireless EM7355 driver of Lenovo following this link Sierra Wireless EM7355 - Gobi 5000 Software for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad - Lenovo Support UU on Lenovo X1 Carbon.

a. If yes, please note that Lenovo P50 does not support that driver following above link (Supported ThinkPad Systems section).

b. If no, can you please provide which driver did you use on Lenovo X1?


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sorry post edited!

i haven’t any problem in x1 carbon and 7355
i wany to install em7355 on the p50

i found this topic and i,m looking for similar method

Hi @behi4321,

What purpose do you want to use Sierra Wireless EM7355 for? If you want use it to access internet, you can install driver of Sierra Wireless on Lenovo P50 following link:

After installing this driver, you can check in Device Manager → Network adapters, “Sierra Wireless WWAN Network Adapter” will display. You can use this Network Adapter to access to internet.


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I assume you’re getting that message printed by the BIOS itself, so there is no point in attempting to install any Windows drivers from anywhere, as the system is not even booting.

The problem seems to be that the EM7355 isn’t listed in the Lenovo P50 whitelist of WWAN modules.

See, manufacturers don’t want you to install any kind of WWAN module in the laptops, they have a device whitelist that says which WWAN modules you can install, and the whitelist is hardcoded in the BIOS so you cannot change that. There are tricks out there to workaround that, but I don’t think any of them is truly reliable.

You should try to find which are the devices whitelisted for the P50 and see if any of the whitelisted ones fit your needs; I don’t think you’ll be able to use the EM7355 :confused:

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I opened this module (em7355) from a broken x1 carbon and
i want to make it work with p50 because i cant buy another module!
Due to access restrictions there is no way in my country to buy 7455 from amazon or ebay or alibaba
I live in Iran

You’ll need to complain to Lenovo I’m afraid, those are the ones that impose the whitelist :confused:

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complain to Lenovo? it is fun :crazy_face:
lenovo and hp and many other site in the world cannot be accessed in iran even for download driver !
you can see attachment !

Although I am not a politician or a terrorist, geographical determinism has led me to be punished for what I did not do.

after installing 7355 on the p50 i can power on system and driver of 7355 is installed on the system
but cellular is turned off and cant be turned on!
any idea?

Hi @behi,

In your picture, your laptop does not display any Modem port.
Can you do below steps?
a, Uninstall EM7355 on Lenovo P50 then remove all driver related to EM7355.
b, Install EM7355 driver of Sierra Wireless on Lenovo P50 following link:
c, Install EM7355 on Lenovo P50 then reboot both your laptop and EM7355.
d, After bootup, check in Device Manager > Modem. “Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem” should be displayed. If “Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem” is not displayed, please select View on the task bar > Show hidden devices. It may help.
e, If cellular is turned off and can not be turned on, you can try power-on/off Airplane mode on your laptop to see any better.


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thanks for your help

old driver removed completely (pic1)

after installing driver from this site :

only driver of em7355 is detected and there is no modem device !

Hi @behi4321 ,

I found below link from Lenovo forum. And it seems that Sierra EM7355 is not in whitelist of Lenovo P50.

I think you can try to contact to Lenovo support to find any better. Hope this information will help you.


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change imei on em7455